Monday, August 15, 2011

Suspension Tips Twins Avanza-Xenia The Squishy

No doubt a good suspension provides more comfort when driving. And maybe for those of you who have vehicles like the Toyota Rush and Avanza, or maybe like the Terios Daihatsu Xenia and the early years of the assembly, must have experienced a rather harsh suspension problems.

The fourth variant has the same suspension. As disclosed suspension of Ambassador Hasan expert Mas, Fatmawati.

"Yeah fourth variant of the early-early this year of manufacture is rather hard, but with increasing variant fourth time this changed with the more tender," said Hasan, this long-haired man.

Hasan was trying to explain what caused the rigors of the four variants of this suspension.

"Actually, for the fourth variant is nothing wrong (hard suspension), but because this variant of type semi (semi jeep), the suspension becomes somewhat similar to that of jeep hard. And this is from the selection of a fourth variant of this," said Hasan.

Then clearly, Hasan gives tips for each vehicle every rider can be more comfortable when driving.

1. The suspension does have a distinctive taste depending on the tastes of driving while riders. But if you have any problems deemed suspension, replace the suspension which has a more circular. This is so the pressure exerted by the weight can persist well so it will feel more tender.

2. At the moment you decide to replace your suspension but the money does not adequately do it gradually. For example, by changing the first Per. After that first felt for some time and if you still feel bad, it helps you also replace your vehicle's Shockbreaker. But it was done after you have tasted a few moments and it is still lacking.

3. Make sure you are using Parts made from the best materials.

4. Do consult before making such changes to be more durable suspension and not waste too much money.

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